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Hall Peter (ed.) The Penguin World Atlas

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Hall Peter (ed.) The Penguin World Atlas
Prepared by the Cartographic Department of the Clarendon Press. — Penguin Books, 1974. — 253 p. — ISBN 014-051-0591.
The Penguin Atlas is based on a complete concept of map-making, developed by the Cartographic Department of the Oxford University Press. Traditionally, atlases have contained two sorts of maps: first, basic topographic maps with a restricted amount of information about relief, rivers, communications, cities and boundaries; and secondly, a much smaller number of specialized maps, usually on a very small scale, covering the whole world and giving quite separate pieces of information about such features as geology, climate, natural resources, land use and the pattern of human activities. The disadvantages of this approach are fairly obvious: each piece of specialized information is difficult to relate to the others, and because of the small scale of the special maps it is almost impossible to relate them to the basic topographic maps. This atlas uses a quite different approach.
The ideal atlas would have a simple series of maps, all on a uniform scale, each covering one part of the world, and each showing all the different types of information which the reader wanted to know. Technically, this is not possible; the maps would be too crowded to be readable. However, it is possible to put together selected elements of physical and human geography so as to obtain three main series of maps, which will together give much more information than traditional methods. That is what has been done in this atlas. There are three main series: one at the 1:30 million scale concerned with the physical environment, a second at the 1:15 million scale concerned with the human environment, and a third concerned with topography which is mapped mainly at either the 1:1-5 million scale (for the British Isles) or the 1:7-5 million scale (for the rest of the world). These, together with some ocean maps at 1:60 million, a selection of town plans at the 1:0-5million scale and a few specialized world maps of the more traditional type, make up the contents of this atlas. Each of the three main series is concerned with one main set of topics, but certain features - boundaries, railways, urban areas, place names - recur on all of them, making cross-reference easy from one to the other.
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