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Kale S.A. (Ed.) Renewable Energy Systems

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Kale S.A. (Ed.) Renewable Energy Systems
Nova Science Publishers, Inc., NY, USA, 2017. — 282 p. — (Renewable Energy: Research, Development and Policies). — ISBN 9781536104417.
Renewable energy is contributing significantly to fulfill the continuously increasing energy demand of the world due to huge technological developments in order to make human life more prosperous and sustainable. The renewable energy sector has become an integral source of energy production in many countries. Research in the field of renewable energy has to play a vital role if the potential of renewable energy is to be fully exploited. Efficient and cost-competitive systems, durability, power control, effective performance measurement systems are expected from researchers and scientists. Solar, wind and bio energy are the majorly contributing renewable energy sources and uncompromisingly moving towards mature stage in order to build surety of power for the future. This book is intended to explore some recent developments in the field of these renewable energy sources. This book comprises of twelve chapters authored by authors from nine countries.
Exploring the Fundamentals of Solar Photovoltaic Technology and its Modelling
Emerging Solar PV Technologies: A Paradigm Shift
Study of Performance Analysis of Modern Materials for Transparent Thin Film Solar Cells
Performance Evaluation of a Domestic Passive Solar Food Dryer
Different Techniques for Prediction of Wind Power Generation
Performance Evaluation of Wind Farm Clusters –A Methodological Approach
Dynamic Analysis of a Weak Grid Supplied from Diesel and Wind Generator
Structural Analysis of Multistorey Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Using Finite Element Method
Physical Properties of Biodiesel: Density and Viscosity
Investigation on a Low Heat Rejection Engine Using Neem Kernel Oil and Its Methyl Ester as Fuel
Renewable Energy Conversion and Waste Heat Recovery Using Organic Rankine Cycles
Renewable Energy Technologies in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development
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