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Clifton M. The Kademlia Protocol Succinctly

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Clifton M. The Kademlia Protocol Succinctly
Syncfusion, 2018. — 194 p.
With its novel XOR-based metric topology, Kademlia is the first peer-to-peer system to combine provable consistency and performance, latency-minimizing routing, and a symmetric, unidirectional topology. In The Kademlia Protocol Succinctly, author Marc Clifton leads readers through the positive aspects of Kademlia’s decentralized specifications. He also details map specification with implementation, areas of concern with the specification, and abstract key areas of the design so that readers can proceed with confidence.
The code implemented in this book requires:
• C# 7
• .NET Framework 4.7
• Visual Studio 2017
Table of Contents:
Key Concepts
Getting Started
Adding Contacts
Node Lookup
Value Lookup
The DHT Class
The Dht-Bootstrapping
Bucket Management
Key-Value Management
Persisting the DHT
Considerations for an Asynchronous Implementation
A Basic TCP Subnet Protocol
RPC Error Handling and Delayed Eviction
Putting It Together: A Demo
Things Not Implemented
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