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World Archaeology 1969 Vol. 01 №01 Recent Work and New Approaches

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World Archaeology 1969 Vol. 01 №01 Recent Work and New Approaches
Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., 1969. — 147 p. — ISSN 0043-8243, e-ISSN 1470-1375.
World Archaeology is a new journal, international in range and in scholarship. Deliberately flexible in approach, and admitting no restriction of period or of place, the journal aims to synthesize the best contemporary thought on matters of common interest to archaeologists the world over. It is the voice, essentially, of a fresh generation of professional archaeologists. But its appeal is as much to the wide, interested public for which archaeology has become something more than a passing enthusiasm, something less than a deliberate vocation.
The first issue of the new journal appears under the broad heading 'Recent Work and New Approaches'. It treats, as its successors will do, topics of general interest in the company of specialist comment and report. New work on the archaeology of Africa is viewed in analytical outline by Glynn Isaac and Bernard Fagg. Professor Hensel, on the Polish evidence, presents an archaeological interpretation of urban origins in Eastern Europe. Recently developed methods of research, currently in use in India and in France, are described by Professors Sankalia and de Bouard. A statistical approach to sequencedating is presented by Professor Kendall, and computer techniques in archaeological survey and data evaluation are discussed by Irwin Scollar and Roy Hodson, Dr Rowlett's important paper on his excavations at Chassemy, in France, publishes for the first time the plan of an Early La Tene Marnian house, still unparalleled elsewhere.
Studies of early culture in East Africa (Glynn Ll. Isaac).
Problems in Indian archaeology, and methods and techniques adopted to tackle them (H. D. Sankalia).
Recent work in West Africa: new light on the Nok Culture (Bernard Fagg).
The origins of western and eastern Slav towns (Witold Hensel).
The Centre for Medieval Archaeological Research, University of Caen (Michel de Bouard).
Some problems and methods in statistical archaeology (David G. Kendall).
Some techniques for the evaluation of archaeological magnetometer surveys (Irwin Scollar).
Searching for structure within multivariate archaeological data (F. R. Hodson).
A rectangular Early La Tene Marnian house at Chassemy (Aisne) (Ralph M. Rowlett, Elsebet S.-J. Rowlett, Michel Boureux).
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