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Tannahill Reay. Sex in History

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Tannahill Reay. Sex in History
New York: Stein and Day Publishers, 1980. — 480 p. — ISBN 0-8128-2580-2.
The purpose of this book is to place the human sex drive and its social and moral consequences in their widest historical perspective, taking in the whole panorama of sexual attitudes, customs, and practices in all the world's major civilizations from earliest times until the present day. In effect, it is at once a history of sex, a history of relationships between the sexes, and a history of how sex and sexuality have influenced the whole course of human development.
The Prehistoric World.
In the beginning.
Man into master.
The Near East, Egypt, and Europe, 3000 B.C.-A.D. 1100.
The first civilizations.
The Christian Church.
Asia until the Middle Ages, and the Arab world.
The Expanding World, A.D. 1100-1800.
Europe, 1100-1550.
Imperial enterprises.
Europe and America, 1550-1800.
Shaping the Present, 1800-1980.
The nineteenth century.
The great debate.
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