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Grigoriev A.D., Ivanov V.A., Molokovsky S.I. Microwave Electronics

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Grigoriev A.D., Ivanov V.A., Molokovsky S.I. Microwave Electronics
Springer International Publishing AG, 2018. — 566 p. — (Springer Series in Advanced Microelectronics 61). — ISBN 978-3-319-68890-9.
This book describes the physical basis of microwave electronics and related topics, such as microwave vacuum and microwave semiconductor devices.
It comprehensively discusses the main types of microwave vacuum and microwave semiconductor devices, their principles of action, theory, parameters and characteristics, as well as ways of increasing the frequency limit of various devices up to the terahertz frequency band. Further, it applies a unified approach to describe charged particle interaction within electromagnetic fields and the motion laws of charged particles in various media.
The book is intended as a manual for researchers and engineers, as well as advanced undergraduate and graduate students.
Microwave Electronics Physical Foundations
Main Stages of Microwave Electronics Development
Interaction of Charged Particles with an Alternating Electromagnetic Field
Oscillations and Waves in Charged Particle Beams
Interaction of Charged Particle Fluxes with a High-Frequency Electromagnetic Field
A Microwave Device as a Circuit Element
Microwave Vacuum Electron Devices
Devices with Quasi-static Control
O-Type Microwave Devices
M-Type Microwave Electron Devices
Gyro-resonant Devices
Relativistic Microwave Devices
Semiconductor Microwave Devices
Key Functional Elements of Semiconductor Microwave Devices
Diodes with Positive Dynamic Resistance
Diodes with Negative Dynamic Resistance
Microwave Transistors
Time and Space Intervals Defining the Behavior of Charged Particles
Electron-Optical Systems of Microwave Devices
Electrodynamic Systems of Microwave Electron Devices
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