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Cheyney Edward P. An Introduction to the Industrial and Social History of England

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Cheyney Edward P. An Introduction to the Industrial and Social History of England
New York, The Macmillan Company, 1916. — 257 p.
The Geography of England.
Prehistoric Britain.
Roman Britain.
Early Saxon England.
Danish and Late Saxon England.
The Period following the Norman Conquest.
The Period of the Early Angevin Kings, 1154-1338.
The Mediæval Village.
The Vill as an Agricultural System.
Classes of People on the Manor.
The Manor Courts.
The Manor as an Estate of a Lord.
The Town Government.
The Gild Merchant.
The Craft Gilds.
Non-industrial Gilds.
Markets and Fairs.
Trade Relations between Towns.
Foreign Trading Relations.
The Italian and Eastern Trade.
The Flanders Trade and the Staple.
The Hanse Trade.
Foreigners settled in England.
Economic Changes of the Later Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries.
National Affairs from 1338 to 1461.
The Black Death and its Effects.
The Statutes of Laborers.
The Peasants' Rebellion of 1381.
Commutation of Services.
The Abandonment of Demesne Farming.
The Decay of Serfdom.
Changes in Town Life and Foreign Trade.
Economic Changes of the Later Fifteenth and the Sixteenth Centuries.
National Affairs from 1461 to 1603.
Internal Divisions in the Craft Gilds.
Change of Location of Industries.
The Influence of the Government on the Gilds.
General Causes and Evidences of the Decay of the Gilds.
The Growth of Native Commerce.
The Merchants Adventurers.
Government Encouragement of Commerce.
The Currency.
Paternal Government.
Economic Changes of the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries.
National Affairs from 1603 to 1760.
The Extension of Agriculture.
The Domestic System of Manufactures.
Commerce under the Navigation Acts.
Economic Changes of the Later Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries.
National Affairs from 1760 to 1830.
The Great Mechanical Inventions.
The Factory System.
Iron, Coal, and Transportation.
The Revival of Enclosures.
Decay of Domestic Manufacture.
The Laissez-faire Theory.
Cessation of Government Regulation.
Social Conditions at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century.
Factory Laws, the Modification of Land Ownership, Sanitary.
Regulations, and New Public Services.
National Affairs from 1830 to 1900.
The Beginning of Factory Legislation.
Arguments for and against Factory Legislation.
Factory Legislation to 1847.
The Extension of Factory Legislation.
Employers' Liability Acts.
Preservation of Remaining Open Lands.
Small Holdings.
Government Sanitary Control.
Industries Carried on by Government.
Trade Unions, Trusts, and Coöperation.
The Rise of Trade Unions.
Opposition of the Law and of Public Opinion. The Combination Acts.
Legalization and Popular Acceptance of Trade Unions.
The Growth of Trade Unions.
Federation of Trade Unions.
Employers' Organizations.
Trusts and Trade Combinations.
Coöperation in Distribution.
Coöperation in Production.
Coöperation in Farming.
Coöperation in Credit.
Profit Sharing.
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