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Ghatak Ajoy, Loknathan S. Quantum mechanics: Theory and applications

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Ghatak Ajoy, Loknathan S. Quantum mechanics: Theory and applications
Springer Science+Business Media, B.V., 2004. — 906 p.
Quantum mechanics is one of the greatest discovery of the 20th century. The edition will help the child to improve his knowledge on quantum physics from the very beginning of the theory of wave-particle duality to the greatest theories now. The book fully meet the requirements of the knowledge of quantum physics. It helps the child to climb up the mountain from the base of it.
The Dirac Delta Function
Fourier Transforms
Particles and Waves and the Uncertainty Principle Time Dependent Schrbdinger Equation
Propagation of Wave Packets and Concept of Group Velocity
Bound State Solutions of the SchrOdinger Equation lIS
Linear Harmonic Oscillator l
One-Dimensional Barrier Transmission Problems
Angular Momentum I-The Spherical Harmonics
Spherically Symmetric Potentials Hydrogen Atom Problem,
Rotation Vibration Spectra, Three-Dimensional Oscillator
Dirac's Bra and Ket Algebra
Linear Harmonic Oscillator ll
Angular Momentum II
Experiments with Spin Half Particles
The Stern-Gerlach Experiment, Larmor Precession
and Magnetic Resonance
Angular momentum III
Eigenfunctions Using Operator Algebra
The Double Well Potential and the Krbnig-Penney Model
The JWKB Approximation
Addition of Angular Momenta
Time Independent Perturbation Theory
Effects of Magnetic Field
The Variational Method
The Helium Atom and the Exclusion Principle
Some Select Topics
Elementary Theory of Scattering
Time Dependent Perturbation Theory
The Semi-Classical Theory of Radiation and the
Einstein Coefficients
The Quantum Theory of Radiation and Its Interaction with Matter
Relativistic Theory
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