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Buchwald J., Stewart L. (eds.) The Romance of Science: Essays in Honour of Trevor H. Levere

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Buchwald J., Stewart L. (eds.) The Romance of Science: Essays in Honour of Trevor H. Levere
Springer, 2017. — 310 p. — (Archimedes, Vol. 52)
The Romance of Science pays tribute to the wide-ranging and highly influential work of Trevor Levere, historian of science and author of Poetry Realised in Nature, Transforming Matter, Science and the Canadian Arctic, Affinity and Matter and other significant inquiries in the history of modern science. Expanding on Levere’s many themes and interests, The Romance of Science assembles historians of science -- all influenced by Levere's work -- to explore such matters as the place and space of instruments in science, the role and meaning of science museums, poetry in nature, chemical warfare and warfare in nature, science in Canada and the Arctic, Romanticism, aesthetics and morals in natural philosophy, and the “dismal science” of economics. The Romance of Science explores the interactions between science's romantic, material, institutional and economic engagements with Nature.
Trevor Levere, Affinities That Matter (by Ernie Hamm).
Elements, Instruments, and Menstruums: Boerhaave’s Imponderable Fire Between Chemical Masterpiece and Physical Axiom (by Victor D. Boantza).
At the Medical Edge or, The Beddoes Effect (by Larry Stewart).
“Men of Letters” and “Men of Press Copies”: The Cultures of James Watt’s Copying Machine (by David Philip Miller).
Poetry, Chemistry, and Wisdom (by David Knight).
Facts or Fantasies in the Chemistry Lecture Theatre? (by Robert G.W. Anderson).
Poetry in War and War in Nature. From Vauban to Naturphilosophie to Clausewitz (by Janis Langins).
John Herschel’s Geology: The Cape of Good Hope in the 1830s (by Gregory A. Good).
More Food for Thought: Mill, Coleridge and the Dismal Science of Economics (by Margaret Schabas).
“These Can Not All Have an Interest for England”: Symmetry, Beauty and the Trouble with Romanticism in Britain (by Gordon McOuat).
Science Born of Poison, Fire and Smoke: Chemical Warfare and the Origins of Big Science (by Andrew Ede).
Politics, Morality, Innovation, and Misrepresentation in Physical Science and Technology (by Jed Buchwald).
Fishing an Extreme Environment: Science, Sovereignty and Hudson Bay (by Jennifer Hubbard).
Collectors, Displays and Replicas in Context: What We Can Learn from Provenance Research in Science Museums (by David Pantalony).
Context, Connections and Culture: The History of Science in Canada as a Field of Study (by Suzanne Zeller).
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