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Heckel R., Taentzer G. (Eds.) Graph Transformation, Specifications, and Nets: In Memory of Hartmut Ehrig

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Heckel R., Taentzer G. (Eds.) Graph Transformation, Specifications, and Nets: In Memory of Hartmut Ehrig
Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature, 2018. — 343 p. — (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10800) — ISBN 331975395.
This volume pays tribute to the scientific achievements of Hartmut Ehrig, who passed away in March 2016.
The contributions represent a selection from a symposium, held in October 2016 at TU Berlin, commemorating Hartmut' s life and work as well as other invited papers in the areas he was active in.
These areas include Graph Transformation, Model Transformation, Concurrency Theory, in particular Petri Nets, Algebraic Specification, and Category Theory in Computer Science.
On the Essence of Parallel Independence for the Double-Pushout and Sesqui-Pushout Approaches
Integration of Graph Constraints into Graph Grammars
Multi-view Consistency in UML: A Survey
A Simple Notion of Parallel Graph Transformation and Its Perspectives
A Tutorial on Graph Transformation
Initial Conflicts and Dependencies: Critical Pairs Revisited
Towards a Navigational Logic for Graphical Structures
Model Transformations as Free Constructions
The Verigraph System for Graph Transformation
Decomposition Structures for Soft Constraint Evaluation Problems: An Algebraic Approach
Overview of Reconfigurable Petri Nets
A Category of “Undirected Graphs”: A Tribute to Hartmut Ehrig
Modular Termination of Graph Transformation
Graph Attribution Through Sub-Graphs
On Normal Forms for Structured Specifications with Generating Constraints
Towards the Automated Generation of Consistent, Diverse, Scalable and Realistic Graph Models
Graph Operations and Free Graph Algebras
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