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Klostermeier D., Rudolph M.G. Biophysical Chemistry

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Klostermeier D., Rudolph M.G. Biophysical Chemistry
CRC Press, 2017. - 793 p.
Biophysical Chemistry explores the concepts of physical chemistry and molecular structure that underlie biochemical processes. Ideally suited for students of life sciences, but equally accessible to students and scientists in related fields, the book concisely describes the fundamental aspects of biophysical chemistry, and puts them into a biochemical context.
The book is organized in four parts, covering thermodynamics, kinetics, molecular structure and stability, and biophysical methods. Cross-references within and between these parts emphasize common themes and highlight recurrent principles. End of chapter problems illustrate the main points explored and their relevance for biochemistry, enabling students to apply their knowledge and to transfer it to laboratory projects.
Systems and their surroundings
State functions and the laws of thermodynamics
Energetics and chemical equilibria
Thermodynamics of transport processes
Reaction velocities and rate laws
Integrated rate laws for uni- and bimolecular reactions
Reaction types
Rate-limiting steps
Binding reactions: one step- and two-step binding
Steady-state (enzyme) kinetics
Complex reaction schemes and their analysis
Temperature dependence of rate constants
Principles of catalysis
Molecular structure and interactions
Nucleic acids
Computational biology
Optical spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance
Solution scattering
X-ray crystallography
Imaging and microscopy
Force measurements
Transient kinetic methods
Molecular mass, size, and shape
Prefixes, units, constants
Mathematical concepts used in this book
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