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Raimes S. Many-electron theory

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Raimes S. Many-electron theory
Amsterdam – London: North-Holland Publishing Company, 1972. – xi+272 p.
Many students and research workers, baffled and intrigued by the use of Feynman graphs and Green functions which has appeared on the face of physics, would like to gain some familiarity with the subject.. However, they often find that not only original papers, but even books purporting to be written for beginners, present an impenetrable barrier. This book has been written with such people in mind. The only prerequisites to its understanding are a knowledge of elementary quantum mechanics and of the sort of mathematics now normally given in undergraduate courses to students of physics, metallurgy and chemistry. As far as the quantum mechanics is concerned, a reading of Wave Mechanics of Electrons in Metals (North-Holland, 1961) would be more than adequate.
The book does not presume to cover all aspects of many-body theory. Only many-electron systems are considered, but the techniques described apply equally well to all many-fermion systems, and, with slight modifications, to many-boson systems also. Some well-developed branches of many-electron theory, such as the dielectric theory of plasma oscillations and the equation-of-motion method, are not included, since they parallel the methods described. The intention has been to force one path through the jungle, leaving no obstruction which requires a mental helicopter to surmount.
Это английский оригинал русского перевода: Реймс, Теория многоэлектронных систем, 1976
Resume of the many-electron problem
The occupation number representation (second quantization)
The Hartree-Fock method and the free-electron gas
Plasma oscillations in a free-electron gas
The Schrodinger. Heisenberg and interaction pictures
The adiabatic hypothesis and the energy of the ground state
Feynman graphs
The correlation energy of a free-electron gas
Green functions and the one-electron Schrodinger equation
Green functions for many-electron systems
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