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Berthier S. Iridescences: The Physical Colors of Insects

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Berthier S. Iridescences: The Physical Colors of Insects
Springer, 2007. — 160 p. — ISBN 9780387341200.
Butterflies and Coleopterons are among the most colorful animals that we are lucky to observe. It is certainly not for our sake that nature indulges itself into such brightness, indeed this very beauty is vital. Although the present book is essentially the work of a physicist, its main objective is to be fundamentally trans-disciplinary. To understand the origins of those bright colors without looking at their evolution potential, to focus on the question "how" neglecting the question "why", would not only be unsatisfying, but it would also harm our understanding of the phenomena. The two aspects clarify one another and cannot be separated. This book can be read at various rhythms so that there is something in it for everyone. Biologists will find a clear and in-depth study of the different physical phenomena generating colors; that is all the things that we once learnt or which we often hear, but forgot. It will constitute a boundless "biomimetical" inspiration for physicists and engineers, for if physics is simple, the combinations of effects and the structures involved are extremely complex and original. As concerns students and teachers, this book will constitute a great base for practical works and it will finally fill with wonder those repelled by equations.
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