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Reich W. The Bion Experiments: On The Origin Of Life

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Reich W. The Bion Experiments: On The Origin Of Life
London: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1979. — 212 p. — ISBN-10: 0374514461; ISBN-13: 978-0374514464. Translated from the German by Derek and lnge Jordan. Edited by Mary Higgins and Chester M. Raphael, M.D.
The Bion Experiments, published in a limited German edition in 1938 and now available in English for the first time, represents a cornerstone in Reich's scientific development. The work documents a series of experiments conducted in Oslo in 1936-37 in which Reich applied the formula of tension?charge?discharge?relaxation, derived from his research on the function of the orgasm, to the microscopic biological world, thereby opening a route to an understanding of the origin of life. This work is divided into two parts: the first, a detailed report on the experiments; the second, Reich's conclusions and an exposition of his research method. The Bion Experiments provides a unique insight into Reich's scientific method, and makes available the experimental material essential to understanding his later work with cancer and orgone biophysics.
The Experiment
The Tension-Charge Formula
Bions as the Preliminary Stages of Life
The Culturability of the Bions (Preparation 6)
The Beginning of Control Experiments by Professor Roger du Teil at Centre Universitaire Mediterraneen de Nice
Culturability Experiments Using Earth, Coal, and Soot Control Tests and Instructions for Verifying the Bion
Experiments (Summary)
The Dialectical-Materialistic Interpretation
The Problem of the Mechano-electrical Leap
An Error in the Discussion of "Spontaneous Generation"
The Dialectical-Materialistic Method of Thinking and Investigation
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