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Cunningham P. London in 1857

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Cunningham P. London in 1857
4th edition. — London : John Murray, Albemarle street, 1856. — LII, 316 p., ill.
In my advertisement to the third edition of this work, I observed “that I had endeavoured to place myself in the position of a well-informed guide seeking to give a stranger in London every requisite information respecting lodgings, eating-houses, places of amusement, &c; of one whose aim it had been to point out those features of the metropolis best worth seeing, with the way in which they might be seen to the best advantage.” In this new edition I have sought to carry out the same intention; have made many additions and corrections; and, as far as it was possible, have brought up all useful information to the day of publication. For other particulars, as well as for a more detailed and historical account of antiquarian London, and of streets and places no longer existing, I must refer the reader to the “Handbook for London, Past and Present.”
Introductory Hints and Suggestions
Palaces of the Sovereign and Household Offices
Houses of the Principal Nobility and Gentry
Parks and Public Gardens
Houses of Parliament
The Thames and its Bridges, Thames Tunnel, Pool and Port of London
Government Offices
Commercial Buildings and Docks
Water Companies
Tower of London
Courts of Law and Justice
Inns of Court and Chancery
Prisons, Penitentiaries, and Places of Execution
Permanent Free Exhibitions
Theatres and Places or Amusement
Learned Institutions
Colleges and Schools
Hospitals and Charitable Institutions
Club Houses
The City and the Citizens
Eminent Persons born in London
Eminent Persons buried in London
Houses in which eminent persons have lived
Streets, &c, (houses unknown or not standing) in which eminent men have lived
Places and Sites connected with remarkable events
Out-door Monuments and Public Statues
Principal Thoroughfares, Squares, and Lanes

List of Plans and Maps
Hyde Park
St James’s Park
Regent’s Park
The New Houses of Parliament
Bank of England, and its various Offices for Dividends, &c
Tower of London
Westminster Abbey
St Paul’s Cathedral
British Museum
British Museum Reading Room
Clue-Map of London at the End
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