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Fleischer Arthur C., Manning Frank A., Jeanty Philippe, Romero Roberto (eds.) Sonography in Obstetrics & Gynecology: Principles and Practice

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Fleischer Arthur C., Manning Frank A., Jeanty Philippe, Romero Roberto (eds.) Sonography in Obstetrics & Gynecology: Principles and Practice
6th edition. — McGraw-Hill, 2001. — 2532 p.
Here is definitive coverage of the latest techniques and diagnostic guidelines for use of sonography in ob/gyn, including transvaginal sonography, color Doppler sonography, and 3-D image processing. More than 2,000 detailed illustrations depict sonographic views of all disorders and conditions. Check out these areas of exciting new coverage: screening in early pregnancy: ultrasound of nuchal translucency for the early diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities; pelvic pain: how to diagnose certain conditions associated with pelvic pain using color Doppler sonography; transvaginal sonography of ovarian and endometrial cancer; endorectal and transvaginal sonography of anal sphincter abnormalities; breast ultrasound; three -dimensional power sonography in gynaecology; three-dimensional ultrasound in obstetrics; and problem-solving with magnetic resonance imaging.
Sonographic Instrumentation and Operational Concerns.
Obstetric Sonography: The Output Display Standard and Ultrasound Bioeffects.
Normal Pelvic Anatomy as Depicted with Transvaginal Sonography.
Transvaginal Sonography of Early Intrauterine Pregnancy.
First-Trimester Nuchal Translucency Screening for Fetal Aneuploidy.
Transvaginal Sonography of Ectopic Pregnancy.
Fetal Biometry.
Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease.
Fetal Functional Echocardiography.
Sonography of the Placenta.
Sonography of the Umbilical Cord and Intrauterine Membranes.
Doppler Ultrasound: Application to Fetal Medicine.
Doppler Velocimetry of the Uteroplacental Circulation.
Color Doppler Sonography in Obstetrics.
Prenatal Detection of Anatomic Congenital Anomalies.
Prenatal Diagnosis of Cerebrospinal Anomalies.
Neck and Chest Fetal Anomalies.
Sonography of the Fetal Gastrointestinal System.
The Fetal Genitourinary System.
Fetal Skeletal Anomalies.
Fetal Syndromes.
Ultrasound Detection of Chromosomal Anomalies.
Intrauterine Growth Restriction: Diagnosis, Prognostication, and Management Based on Ultrasound Methods.
Sonography of Multiple Gestations.
Ultrasound in the Management of the Alloimmunized Pregnancy.
Fetal Biophysical Profile Score: Theoretical Consideration and Practical Application.
Chorionic Villus Sampling.
Fetal Blood Sampling.
Ultrasound-Guided Fetal Invasive Therapy: Current Status.
Ultrasound Examination of the Uterine Cervix During Pregnancy.
Sonography of Trophoblastic Diseases.
Postpartum Ultrasound.
Sonographic Evaluation of Maternal Disorders During Pregnancy.
Sonographic Evaluation of Pelvic Masses with Transabdominal and/​or Transvaginal Sonography.
Color Doppler Sonography of Pelvic Masses.
Sonographic Evaluation of Uterine Disorders.
Transvaginal Sonography of Endometrial Disorders.
Early Detection of Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer with Transvaginal and Color Doppler Sonography.
MRI of the Female Pelvis: Problem Solving Sonographic Uncertainties.
Color Doppler Sonography in Pelvic Pain.
Transvaginal Sonography in Gynecologic Infertility.
Transvaginal Color Doppler Sonography in the Assessment of Infertility.
Sonohysterography, Sonosalpingography, and Sonohysterosalpingography: A Text-Atlas of Normal and Abnormal Findings.
Guided Procedures Using Transvaginal, Tranperineal, and Transrectal Sonography.
Vaginal Ultrasound and Urinary Incontinence.
Sonographic Evaluation of the Pelvic Floor After Childbirth.
Breast Ultrasound.
Three-Dimensional Ultrasound in Obstetrics.
Three-Dimensional Color Power Doppler Sonography in Gynecology.
Legal Concerns.
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