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Sanders Roger C., Hall-Terracciano Barbara (eds.) Clinical Sonography: A Practical Guide

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Sanders Roger C., Hall-Terracciano Barbara (eds.) Clinical Sonography: A Practical Guide
5th edition. — Wolters Kluwer, 2016. — 982 p.
Uniquely organized by symptom rather than organ or pathology, Roger Sanders’s Clinical Sonography, 5e, not only ensures mastery of the content and competencies required for diagnostic sonography, it teaches students to think critically and “sonographically” as they prepare for certification exams and clinical practice. In every chapter, students first encounter a diagnostic problem to be solved and then follow pathways of exploration that help them identify the cause of the original presenting symptom. Retaining its trademark concise, easy-to-understand writing style, consistent format, and clinical approach, the Fifth Edition is enhanced by a revised organization, new images and in-book learning tools, new content that reflects today’s practice environment, and a revised art and design program designed to meet the needs of today’s highly visual students.

Basic Physics
Equipment Contros
Doppler and Color Flow Principles
3D Imaging
Nursing Procedures
Basic Principles
Equipment Care and Quality Control
Ergonomics or Reducing the Injury Risk in Sonography
Malpractice and Ultrasound
Preliminary Reports (Observe and Report Preliminary Findings)
Acute Pelvic Pain
Rule Out Adnexal Mass
Midline Pelvic Mass
Chronic Pelvic Pain
Vaginal Bleeding with Negative Pregnancy Test
Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices: “Lost IUD”
First-Trimester Bleeding
The 11- to 13.6-Week Sonogram
Standard 18- to 20-Week Sonogram
Second- and Third-Trimester Bleeding
Small for Dates
Large for Dates
Possible Fetal Anomalies
Fetal Wellbeing and Fetal Demise
Possible Fetal Cardiac Anomaly
Sonographic Abdominal Anatomy
Epigastric Pain (Upper Abdominal Pain): Pancreatitis
Right Upper Quadrant Mass: Possible Metastasis to Liver
Right Upper Quadrant Pain
Abnormal Liver Function Tests: Jaundice
Fever of Unknown Origin
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