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Ceram C.W. The First American. A Story of North American Archaeology

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Ceram C.W. The First American. A Story of North American Archaeology
New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 1971. — 357 p. — ISBN 0-15-131250-8.
This great book by C. W. Ceram, like his Gods, Graves and Scholars, promises to become a classic. The First American embodies a spirit of adventure and romance in its account of the origins and early history of the American Indians.
Who was the first American? When did he first come upon the North American continent? The story unfolds with the suspense of a tale of mystery. Ceram retraces the routes followed by explorers, scientists, and archaeologists, and takes a fresh look at the material they have discovered. He considers in this broader context many clues that have long baffled specialists. As a result, The First American provides the answers to a number of important questions. The author reveals the astounding richness of the American Indians' cultural legacy. Frequently he poses new, puzzling problems of historical interpretation.
Drawing upon his impressive knowledge of archaeology in general and American archaeology and anthropology in particular, C. W. Ceram leaves scarcely a significant shard or stratum unturned. His is a pioneering work, as engrossing as it is original. It adds to our growing awareness and understanding of the American past.
With 60 drawings by Hannelore Marek, 43 photographs in color and black and white.
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