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Villar M. et all. (eds.) Starch-Based Materials in Food Packaging: Processing, Characterization and Applications

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Villar M. et all. (eds.) Starch-Based Materials in Food Packaging: Processing, Characterization and Applications
Academic Press, 2017. — 328 p. — ISBN 978-0-12-809439-6.
This book comprises an experimental approach related to the processing and characterization of biopolymers derived from different starches. The book includes fundamental knowledge and practical applications, and it also covers valuable experimental case studies. The book not only provides a comprehensive overview concerning biodegradable polymers, but also supplies the new trends in their applications in food packaging.
The book is focused toward an ecological proposal to partially replace synthetics polymers arising from non-renewable sources for specific applications. This tender implies the protection of natural resources. Thus, the use of starch as feedstock to develop biodegradable materials is a good and promissory alternative. With the contributions and collaboration of experts in the development and study of starch based materials, this book demonstrates the versatility of this polysaccharide and its potential use.
Key Features.
Brings the latest advances in the development of biomaterials from different starches, applying several technologies at laboratory and semi-industrial scales.
Examines the effect of formulations and processing conditions on structural and final properties of starch-based materials (blends and composites).
Discusses the potential applications of starch materials in different fields, especially in food packaging.
Includes chapters on active and intelligent food packages.
Food packaging manufacturers, researchers and R&D laboratories of packaging industries, people related to the Packaging materials innovation and Packaging sustainability areas, practitioners involved in the development and use of biodegradable materials based on thermoplastic starch.
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