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Virtanen Petri,‎ Stenvall Jari. Intelligent Health Policy: Theory, Concept and Practice

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Virtanen Petri, Stenvall Jari. Intelligent Health Policy: Theory, Concept and Practice
Springer, 2018. — 196 p. — ISBN 10 3319695959, 13 978-3319695952.
This book provides a general overview of intelligence in health policy, health-care organizations and health services in the light of the current EU digital agenda, which aims to make health data and e-health tools publicly available. The first part analyses the implications of knowledge management and decision-making procedures for intelligent health policies and governance. The second part discusses in detail the concept of intelligence and illustrates why the perspective of organizational intelligence offers a solution to contemporary problems in health care, while the third part focuses on intelligent leadership models in health-care organizations. Providing a guide to new ways of understanding, developing, and reforming health policy and health services, it appeals to scholars as well as decision-makers in health governance and health-care institutions.
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