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Khojasteh Y. (ed.) Supply chain risk management advanced tools, models, and developments

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Khojasteh Y. (ed.) Supply chain risk management advanced tools, models, and developments
Springer, 2018. — 335 p. — ISBN 978-981-10-4106-8, 9811041067, 978-981-10-4105-1.
This book covers important issues related to managing supply chain risks from various perspectives. Supply chains today are vulnerable to disruptions with a significant impact on firms’ business and performance. The aim of supply chain risk management is to identify the potential sources of risks and implement appropriate actions in order to mitigate supply chain disruptions. This book presents a set of models, frameworks, strategies, and analyses that are essential for managing supply chain risks. As a comprehensive collection of the latest research and most recent cutting-edge developments on supply chain risk and its management, the book is structured into three main parts: 1) Supply Chain Risk Management; 2) Supply Chain Vulnerability and Disruptions Management; and 3) Toward a Resilient Supply Chain. Leading academic researchers as well as practitioners have contributed chapters, combining theoretical findings and research results with a practical and contemporary view on how companies can manage the supply chain risks and disruptions, as well as how to create a resilient supply chain. This book can serve as an essential source for students and scholars who are interested in pursuing research or teaching courses in the rapidly growing area of supply chain risk management. It can also provide an interesting and informative read for managers and practitioners who need to deepen their knowledge of effective supply chain risk management.
Supply Chain Risk Management: A Comprehensive Review (Zohreh Khojasteh-Ghamari, Takashi Irohara).
Cost-Effectiveness and Manageability Based Prioritisation of Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Strategies (Abroon Qazi, John Quigley, Alex Dickson).
Modeling Risk Emergence and Propagation in Buyer-Supplier-Customer Relationships (Kristian Rotaru, Mehrdokht Pournader).
Managing Reputational Risks in Supply Chains (Fred Lemke, Henry L. Petersen).
Managing IT and Cyber Risks in Supply Chains (Barbara Gaudenzi, Giorgia Siciliano).
Developing Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Strategies (Yacob Khojasteh).
Analyzing Supply Chain Vulnerability Through Simulation (Jyri Vilko, Lauri Lättilä).
Supply Chain Disruptions Preparedness Measures Using a Dynamic Model (Amit Sonar, Cameron A. Mackenzie).
A Quantitative Model for Analyzing Market Response During Supply Chain Disruptions (Arun Vinayak, Cameron A. Mackenzie).
Supply Chain Risk Management in the Transmission and Amplification of Disruptions (Artur Swierczek).
Strategic Sourcing Under Supply Disruption Risk (S. Prasanna Venkatesan, Mark Goh).
Design and Evaluation of Global Supply Chain Considering Disruption Risk (Yasutaka Kainuma).
Supply Chain Resiliency: A Review (Srinivasan Radhakrishnan, Benjamin Harris, Sagar Kamarthi).
The Role of Resiliency in Managing Supply Chains Disruptions (Anirban Ganguly, Debdeep Chatterjee, Harish Rao).
Designing Resilience into Service Supply Chains: A Conceptual Methodology (Sigurd S. Pettersen, Bjørn E. Asbjørnslett, Stein O. Erikstad).
Resiliency in Supply Chain Systems: A Triadic Framework Using Family Resilience Model (Arash Azadegan, Jayanth Jayaram).
Cultivating Supply Chain Agility: Managerial Actions Derived from Established Antecedents (Michael J. Braunscheidel, Nallan C. Suresh).
Assessing Supply Chain Resilience upon Critical Infrastructure Disruptions: A Multilevel Simulation Modelling Approach (Paolo Trucco, Boris Petrenj, Seyoum Eshetu Birkie.
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