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Carette Jacques et al. Intelligent Computer Mathematics. Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence

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Carette Jacques et al. Intelligent Computer Mathematics. Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence
Springer, 2009. — 509 p.
As computers and communications technology advance, greater opportunities arise for intelligent mathematical computation. While computer algebra, automated deduction and mathematical publishing each have long and successful histories, we are now seeing increasing opportunities for synergy among them.
The Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (cicm 2009) is a collection of co-located meetings, allowing researchers and practitioners active in these related areas to share recent results and identify the next challenges. The specific areas of the cicm conferences and workshops are described below, but the unifying theme is the computerized handling of mathematical knowledge.
The successful formalization of much of mathematics, as well as a better understanding of its internal structure, makes mathematical knowledge in many ways more tractable than general knowledge, as traditionally treated in artificial intelligence. Similarly, we can also expect the problem of effectively using mathematical knowledge in automated ways to be much more tractable. This is the goal of the work in the cicm conferences and workshops. In the long view, solving the problems addressed by cicm is an important milestone in formulating the next generation of mathematical software.
The first cicm was held in Birmingham, UK, in 2008. Although combinations of the constituent meetings had been held together previously, this was
the first time this set of conferences and workshops were held together under the cicm name. In some sense this was a symbolic step, recognizing that these areas shared common challenges that should be addressed together. The anchor meetings were the Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation (aisc) conference, the 15th Symposium on the Integration of Symbolic Computation and Mechanized Reasoning (Calculemus 2008) and the 7th International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management (mkm 2008). A number of related workshops also joined the meeting.
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