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Fagan Brian M. Ancient North America. The Archaeology of a Continent

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Fagan Brian M. Ancient North America. The Archaeology of a Continent
Second Edition. — Thames and Hudson, 1995. — 528 p. — ISBN 0-500-05075-9.
Ancient North America is a narrative account of what is known of the diverse prehistoric societies of North America, from first settlement before 12,000 BC up to European contact and beyond. It is based on a complex archaeological record that is buried in thousands of books, articles, mimeographed reports, and brief notes in literally dozens of languages, also on many years of field and museum visits, attending conferences, and discussions with colleagues working in every corner of North America.
Culture History and North American Archaeology.
Explaining Prehistoric Cultural Change.
The Paleo-Indians.
First Settlement.
Hunter-Gatherers and the Holocene.
Later Paleo-Indian Cultures.
The Great Plains.
Bison Hunters on the Plains.
Village Farmers of the Plains.
The Far North.
Early Arctic Cultures.
Norton, Dorset, and Thule.
The West.
Early Hunter-Gatherers on the West Coast.
Later Prehistoric Societies of the Pacific Coast.
The Great Basin and Western Interior.
The Archaic of the Southwest and Lower Pecos.
The Origins of Agriculture and Village Life.
The Rise of Pueblo Society.
The Eastern Woodlands.
Early and Middle Archaic Cultures in the Eastern Woodlands.
Later Archaic Cultures in the Eastern Woodlands.
Early Woodland and the Adena Complex.
Middle Woodland and the Hopewellian.
Mississippian Climax.
Algonquians and Iroquois.
After Columbus.
The Archaeology of European Contact.
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