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Schorr Natalie. Tune Up Your French

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Schorr Natalie. Tune Up Your French
2nd Edition. — McGraw-Hill, 2009. — xii, 260 pp. — ISBN: 978-0-07-163002-3.
Turn your rusty French language skills into polished conversation confidence.
Tune Up Your French offers you an entertaining and practical way to hone your French-language conversation skills. This book is structured around numerous key areas for improvement, covering everything from tricky grammatical structures to gestures, slang, and humor. In each area, key phrases are presented in “Top Ten” lists, including everyday expressions for filling pauses, icebreakers, and more. This book is excellent for brushing up on the French you studied in high school or college.
The Zazie Effect
Quick Fixes
Nonverbal Cues, Sound Effects, and Interjections
Make the Most of Body Language and Simple Expressions
If the French Think You’re Rude and You Think
They’re Rude, Be Polite the French Way
Idioms to Go
Get Extra Mileage from Your French by Using Everyday
Idioms That Are Both Easy and Authentic
Practical French
Master the Key Phrases That Go with Specific Situations
Table Talk
Learn French While Eating and Drinking the French Way,
the World’s Most Enjoyable Way of Learning by Doing
Conversation Starters
Ask the Questions That Will Make the French
Want to Talk with You
Slang and Other Kinds of French
Find the French That’s Right for You
Use French Images to See Life the French Way
Play with Language the French Way
Build on Famous French Quotations to Create
Your Own Expressions
Ten Tricks and Trucs
Idioms and Variations
Answer Key
Index of Top Ten Lists
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