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Price Glanville. An Introduction to French Pronunciation

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Price Glanville. An Introduction to French Pronunciation
Revised Edition. — Blackwell, 2005. — x, 176 pp. — (Blackwell Reference Grammars). — ISBN-13: 978–1–4051–3255–8.
An Introduction to French Pronunciation is a comprehensive and accessible guide to current French pronunciation:
enables students to not only to hear the language, but to know what to listen for;
includes chapters on the general principles of French phonetics and regional variations in the pronunciation of French;
includes discussion of vowels, semi-consonants, consonants, rhythmic groups, the syllable, liaison and intonation;
written by a leading figure in the field, the author of A Comprehensive French Grammar.
General Considerations
The Production of Speech
The Articulation of French
The Vowel Phonemes
Degree of Aperture
The Semi-Consonants
The Consonant Phonemes
The Rhythmic Group
The Syllable
The Vowels in Detail
Mute e
Vowel Length
The Semi-Consonants in Detail
The Consonants in Detail: (I) Stops
The Consonants in Detail: (II) Fricatives
The Consonants in Detail: (III) /r/, /l/ and the Nasals
Consonantal Assimilation
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