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Childress Diana. Prehistoric People of North America

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Childress Diana. Prehistoric People of North America
Chelsea Juniors, 1997. — 80 p. — (The Junior Library of American Indians). — ISBN 0-7910-2481-4.
Millions of years ago, giant sheets of thick ice covered most of the earth, lowering ocean levels and exposing large portions of land. Across a stretch of land that connected Asia to North America, bands of hunters migrated in search of food. When the ice melted after thousands of years, the link to Asia disappeared, but the hunters had long since settled in the new region. They were the first Americans—known as the Paleo-Indians.
Over many centuries, these ancestors of Native Americans spread across the continent, adapting to the many environments they encountered by using natural resources to devise the tools they needed to survive. Prehistoric People of North America tells the fascinating story of these early Native Americans and how they shaped the continent.
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