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Young Egerton R. Algonquin Indian Tales

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Young Egerton R. Algonquin Indian Tales
New York: Eaton & Mains, 1903. — 258 p.
"We have endeavored to make it a book for all classes. Here are some old myths in new settings, and here are some, we venture to think, that have never be fore been seen in English dress. These will interest the student of such subjects, while the general style of the book will, we hope, make it attractive to young readers.
Nanahboozhoo, the personage who occupies the principal part in these myths, is the most widely known of all those beings of supposed miraculous birth who played such prominent parts in Indian legends. He does not seem to have been claimed by any one particular tribe. Doubtless legends of him were transmitted down from the time when the division of tribes had not so extensively taken place; when perhaps the Algonquin, now so subdivided, was one great tribe, speaking one language."
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