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Silverberg Robert. Home of the Red Man: Indian North America before Columbus

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Silverberg Robert. Home of the Red Man: Indian North America before Columbus
Greenwich, Connecticut: New York Graphic Society Publishers, 1963. — 252 p.
This is a book that has long been needed and Mr. Silverberg has done a superb job in an overall compilation of pertinent facts and reasonably sound assumptions in the history of the Indians. The focus is on pre-history and the subsequently known findings, drawn from archaeology, existing remains, and careful comparison of ata about successive steps in man's development. From the earliest discoveries-perhaps 20,000 years old- of an extinct race in America, through the more numerous records of weapons, household goods, contents of mounds, and so on of those men, known- erroneously- as ""red Indians"", he brings the story up to the present. After Columbus, the story of the white man's part in destroying civilizations, driving the natives from their pastures, their hunting grounds, their homes, bringing about disintegration of a whole people -- is not a pretty one. But that is only incidental to his purpose, as, section by section, geographically, tribe by tribe, he reassembles the facts of a way of life,- their clothes, their dwellings, their occupations, their languages, their social and political organization. The variations are beyond count, but the main facts are here, succinctly and dramatically and interestingly presented. This should prove a gold mine of information for schools, camps, scout troops, and so on.
(Kirkus Review).
To A World Unknown.
Thirty Thousand Years of Immigrants.
Ancient Men in the New World.
The Woodland Hunters.
People of the Longhouse.
The Mound Builders.
Suns and Stinkards.
Smokers of the Peace Pipe.
Indians of the Plains.
North of the Border.
Cliff Dwellers and Desert Folk.
The Land of Many Languages.
Potlatches and Totem Poles.
The Not-So-Vanishing Red Man.
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