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Becca F., Sorella S. Quantum Monte Carlo Approaches for Correlated Systems

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Becca F., Sorella S. Quantum Monte Carlo Approaches for Correlated Systems
Cambridge University Press, 2017. — 287 p. — ISBN 978-1-107-12993-1.
Over the past several decades, computational approaches to studying strongly-interacting systems have become increasingly varied and sophisticated. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to state-of-the-art quantum Monte Carlo techniques relevant for applications in correlated systems. Providing a clear overview of variational wave functions, and featuring a detailed presentation of stochastic samplings including Markov chains and Langevin dynamics, which are developed into a discussion of Monte Carlo methods. The variational technique is described, from foundations to a detailed description of its algorithms. Further topics discussed include optimisation techniques, real-time dynamics and projection methods, including Green's function, reptation and auxiliary-field Monte Carlo, from basic definitions to advanced algorithms for efficient codes, and the book concludes with recent developments on the continuum space. Quantum Monte Carlo Approaches for Correlated Systems provides an extensive reference for students and researchers working in condensed matter theory or those interested in advanced numerical methods for electronic simulation.
Gives a fresh view on modern numerical approaches, equipping the reader with the knowledge necessary to develop new algorithms
Offers a modern approach to a topic which is rapidly developing, enabling an up-to-date understanding of Monte Carlo methods
A pedagogical introduction to the subject, providing a grounding in the fundamentals and allowing readers a comprehensive understanding of the methods
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