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McGee Eddie. Eddie McGee's Complete Book of Survival

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McGee Eddie. Eddie McGee's Complete Book of Survival
Staniey Paul and Co Ltd, 1988. — 198 p.
Walkers, campers, backpackers, travellers and adventurous holidaymakers should all benefit from "Eddie McGee's Complete Book of Survival". While nine times out of ten an expedition, weekend trip or holiday outing will run smoothly, there is always that one time when something may go drastically wrong and in seconds turn a seemingly safe adventure into a struggle for survival. In this book, Eddie McGee explains how to master fear and panic and shows how, by using the environment rather than fighting against it, everyone can win through, however threatening or bleak the situation, climate and terrain may seem. From lighting a fire without matches and making a stretcher with a grass rope to locating precious drinking water in the desert and turning salt water into drinking water if adrift in a dinghy, Eddie McGee teaches you to think survival. He tells you when to stay put and when to move on, how to live off the land and how to navigate by the stars and plants. He deals with signalling for help, self-defence against man and animals and survival medicine including delivering a baby and setting broken bones. A former paratroop sergeant major, Eddie McGee ran the military survival wing before setting up his own National School of Survival based in North Yorkshire.
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