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De Paor Liam. Archaeology: An Illustrated Introduction

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De Paor Liam. Archaeology: An Illustrated Introduction
With drawings by Jane Mackay. — Penguin Books, 1967. — 111 p.
Archaeology still has its treasures and its treasure-hunters, but today's archaeologist is essentially a master detective. From fragments of pottery or bone he reconstructs the life of communities which vanished fifty or a hundred centuries ago; from traces in a patch of earth he recovers the form of objects whose substance has long since ceased to exist; every year new finds help him to fit together the jigsaw of prehistory and to go further and further back into the human past.
The illustrations in this introduction to archaeology have been closely incorporated with the text. Dr Liam de Paor, himself a well-known archaeologist, shows how the study developed from eccentric amateur beginnings to its present-day scientific status. He describes its modern techniques - from air photography and varve analysis to Carbon 14 dating- its co-operation with other disciplines, and some of its unique and astonishing discoveries both in prehistory and in later periods.
The beginnings of archaeology.
An awakening of interest.
The development of chronology.
Archaeology today.
The methods of archaeology.
Discovering the site.
The sorts of evidence.
Classifying the finds - typology.
Planning and recording an excavation.
The history of the site - stratigraphy.
Re-creating vanished structures.
Problems for other specialists.
Four scientific dating processes.
Maps in archaeology.
The achievements of archaeology.
The starting point.
The Palaeolithic phase.
The Mesolithic phase.
The beginning of the Neolithic phase.
Urban development.
Archaeology and ancient history.
Archaeology's view of human history.
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