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Combs Gerald F., McClung James P. (Eds.). The Vitamins. Fundamental Aspects in Nutrition and Health

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Combs Gerald F., McClung James P. (Eds.). The Vitamins. Fundamental Aspects in Nutrition and Health
5th ed. — Elsevier, 2017. — 630 p. — ISBN 978-0-12-802965-7.
Understanding the vitamins is key to understanding nutrition. The history of their discovery and the continuing elucidation of their roles in health is the history of the emergence of nutrition as a science from the areas of physiology, biochemistry, medicine, and agriculture.
Capturing the understanding that grew out of that history is both a challenge and a privilege. For us, it involved months of reviewing thousands of publications and looking for clear ways to present complex information without overstating present understanding.
Producing this fifth edition of The Vitamins benefitted from the inclusion of a coauthor, which we believe brought a new prospective to the text. James studied the first edition of the The Vitamins as a masters student at the University of New Hampshire in 1997. He encountered the second edition of the text as Jerry’s student at Cornell University in 2001. We are hopeful that the dynamic relationship we have enjoyed, as student/mentor, colleagues, friends, and now coauthors, has resulted in the most effective edition of this text, as both a reference and a teaching aid.
In writing this fifth edition of The Vitamins, we were mindful of comments from users of previous editions, which prompted several changes that we believe enhanced the book. We reorganized several chapters, which reduced their number. We emphasized roles of the gut microbiome in several places of importance. We added sections on biomarkers of vitamin status and modestly expanded the section on biofortification. We added, redrew, and updated several tables and figures. We used extensive footnoting as a means of including explanatory notes as well as for citing primary sources.
We are grateful for the professional assistance from editors, Ms. Jaclyn Truesdell, Ms. Megan Ball, and Ms. Caroline Johnson of Elsevier.
We enjoyed writing this fifth edition of The Vitamins together. We hope you will find it useful.
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