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Mathew S., Mordeson J.N., Malik D.S. Fuzzy Graph Theory

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Mathew S., Mordeson J.N., Malik D.S. Fuzzy Graph Theory
New York: Springer, 2018. — 326 p.
This book provides a timely overview of fuzzy graph theory, laying the foundation for future applications in a broad range of areas. It introduces readers to fundamental theories, such as Craine’s work on fuzzy interval graphs, fuzzy analogs of Marczewski’s theorem, and the Gilmore and Hoffman characterization. It also introduces them to the Fulkerson and Gross characterization and Menger’s theorem, the applications of which will be discussed in a forthcoming book by the same authors. This book also discusses in detail important concepts such as connectivity, distance and saturation in fuzzy graphs.
Thanks to the good balance between the basics of fuzzy graph theory and new findings obtained by the authors, the book offers an excellent reference guide for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics, engineering and computer science, and an inspiring read for all researchers interested in new developments in fuzzy logic and applied mathematics.
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