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Munoz-Rojas P.A. (Ed.) Computational Modeling, Optimization and Manufacturing Simulation of Advanced Engineering Materials

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Munoz-Rojas P.A. (Ed.) Computational Modeling, Optimization and Manufacturing Simulation of Advanced Engineering Materials
Spinger, 2016. — 393 p.
This volume presents recent research work focused in the development of adequate theoretical and numerical formulations to describe the behavior of advanced engineering materials. Particular emphasis is devoted to applications in the fields of biological tissues, phase changing and porous materials, polymers and to micro/nano scale modeling. Sensitivity analysis, gradient and non-gradient based optimization procedures are involved in many of the chapters, aiming at the solution of constitutive inverse problems and parameter identification. All these relevant topics are exposed by experienced international and inter institutional research teams resulting in a high level compilation. The book is a valuable research reference for scientists, senior undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for engineers acting in the area of computational material modeling.
On the variational analysis of vibrations of prestressed six-parameter shells.
Multi-objective topology optimization design of micro-structures.
Sensitivity analysis of micro models for solidification of pure metals.
Variational constituive models for soft biological tissues.
Sensitivity analysis of temperature field and parameter identification in burned and healthy skin tissue.
Application of the hp-FEM for hyperelastic problems with isotropic damage.
Mechanical characterization of the human aorta: experiments, modeling and simulation.
Optimization of functionally graded materials considering dynamical analysis.
Complex variable semianalytical method for sensitivity evaluation in nonlinear path dependent problems: Applications to periodic truss materials.
Laser beam drilling of cellular metals: Numerical simulation.
Metallic foam density distribution optimization using genetic algorithms and voronoi tessellation.
Modeling material behavior of polymers.
Material model based on response surfaces of nurbs applied to isotropic and orthotropic materials.
Characterization of constitutive parameters for hyperelastic models considering the Baker-Ericksen inequalities.
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