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De France Marie. GigaFrench: God, abortion and climate change

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De France Marie. GigaFrench: God, abortion and climate change
Flying Publisher, 2016. — MP3 128 kbps stereo..
Неординарный мультимедийный учебник французского языка, рассчитанный на любой уровень предварительной подготовки, включая нулевой. Материал, разбитый по темам;
Climate Change
Junk Food
« Aesthetic » Medicine
Nobel for Snowden
дается в провокативном стиле с использованием приемов компьютерного форматирования текста. Уделяется внимание всем аспектам изучения языка, включая чтение (в первую дчередь), слушание, увеличение словарного запаса, грамматику. Язык-посредник — английский.
Здесь архив звукозаписей. Учебник см.
GigaFrench is a free multimedia fast track into the heart of French and the French people. The 2016 Edition offers a refreshingly new approach to one of the most beautiful languages in the world.
We certainly agree that a successful language method has to teach the four competences reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The only question is: Should these four skills be considered equal when starting a new language or should we prioritize one over the other?
If you are a pure-blood extrovert and prioritize talking and entertaining more than anything else in the world, think twice about following GigaFrench. We’ll certainly ask you one day to start speaking, but we have good reasons to postpone ‘oral language production’ for a few weeks or months. Even worse, over the coming months, we’ll prescribe you a few hundred lonely study hours with books and tablets
If reading doesn’t scare you, let us briefly explain why GigaFrench prioritizes reading. Of all language skills, reading is the crucial skill because everything else springs from that – good writing is a direct result of intense reading, listening can be outsourced to almost effortless exercises (see
page 198), and correct speaking is the consequence of intense reading and listening. GigaFrench’s focus is therefore on accelerating your transformation from a French illiterate to a French “scholar”. Over the coming months, we want you to start reading newspapers, essays, novels and cartoons. Our ultimate goal is to put you into an orbit of independent reading as quickly as possible. Whatever your favourite subject is – biology, medicine, earth sciences, literature, economics, law, architecture, history, psychology, sociology, or any other topic – you’ll be able to read any text about it within months.
In parallel to reading, we’ll teach you ‘power listening’, an unconventional exercise which is necessary because speech produces 3 and more words per second. Our short-time goal is nothing else than a 100% comprehension of the articles we present to you and a perfect understanding of every single word. Only later will we ask you to start cautiously uttering your first French words. Please believe me, patience in speaking is paramount – the
longer you wait, the Frenchier your accent will be. Finally, we will request you one day to start writing in French, but that’s still months away.
GigaFrench is for dedicated students. Your enthusiasm for exploring new worlds will finally meet up with efficiency. If you devote at least 30 to 60 minutes daily to serious study sessions, GigaFrench will be yours in months.
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