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Ivanov D. Structural Dynamics and Resilience in Supply Chain Risk Management

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Ivanov D. Structural Dynamics and Resilience in Supply Chain Risk Management
Springer, 2018. — 332 p. — (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science 265). — ISBN 9783319693040, 9783319693057.
This book offers an introduction to structural dynamics, ripple effect and resilience in supply chain disruption risk management for larger audiences. In the management section, without relying heavily on mathematical derivations, the book offers state-of-the-art concepts and methods to tackle supply chain disruption risks and designing resilient supply chains in a simple, predictable format to make it easy to understand for students and professionals with both management and engineering background.
In the technical section, the book constitutes structural dynamics control methods for supply chain management. Real-life problems are modelled and solved with the help of mathematical programming, discrete-event simulation, optimal control theory, and fuzzy logic.
The book derives practical recommendations for management decision-making with disruption risk in the following areas:
How to estimate the impact of possible disruptions on performance in the pro-active stage?
How to generate efficient and effective stabilization and recovery policies?
When does one failure trigger an adjacent set of failures?
Which supply chain structures are particular sensitive to ripple effect?
How to measure the disruption risks in the supply chain?
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