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Peace Corps. Pre-Service Training Mongolian Language Book

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Peace Corps. Pre-Service Training Mongolian Language Book
Peace Corps. — 198 p.
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The book you are currently reading is designed to aid Peace Corps trainees in language acquisition. It is designed to coincide with classroom instruction from Mongolian language teachers using a Competency Based Curriculum. The objective of the CBC model is for students to acquire language competencies that they may later apply to specific situations.
Competencies are gained by practicing dialogues and learning vocabulary specific to functions.
We chose competencies based on what we believe are the most useful words and phrases to help
you adjust to life in Mongolia.
This book is not designed for self-instruction by persons unfamiliar with the language.However, after using it in conjunction with language classes, you will grow accustomed to Mongolian, thereby making the book practical for independent study. This most recent addition has a variety of primers and supplementary material included, and thus should prove to be useful for many months after you finish your Pre-Service Training.
Learning Mongolian is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. The grammar, pronunciation, alphabet, and colloquial speech are very different from their English counter parts. Do not be discouraged. Mongolians will appreciate and encourage your acquisition of the language, and proper study of Mongolian will allow you to better integrate with your future communities, counterparts, agencies, and the random cab driver that decides to tell you all the problems he has with the way Mongolia is developing. There is a saying in Mongolian that is roughly translated as “If you have a language, you have a leg” (хэлтэй бол хөлтэй). The idea is that if you can speak a language, you will be able to travel within the domain of that language. Likewise, the Mongolian language will take you far in this country.
Mongolian language primer
Crash course on Mongolian verbs .
Food .
Traveling .
The map .
Clothes .
Seasons and weather .
Safety and security
Housing .
Appendices / supplementary clarification language
Index of grammar
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