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Jonsson Lars. Winter Birds

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Jonsson Lars. Winter Birds
Bloomsbury Natural History, 2017. — 344 p.
In this stunning book, Lars Jonsson celebrates and explores the beauty of the birds that surround him during the Swedish winter months. Inspired by the desolate, wintry landscapes, the dazzling light and the stark contract of colours he observes against the snow, Jonsson has created an unparalleled collection of art.
Jonsson illustrates each bird in his classic style, and his text provides information on their behaviour and insights into how to identify them as he shares personal observations as both an artist and ornithologist. This unique combination offers an intimate and compelling opportunity to better understand the method behind one of the world's preeminent bird artists.
Lars Jonsson is a hugely successful artist, author and ornithologist who was born in 1952 in Sweden. Exhibitions of Jonsson's art are common throughout Europe and the United States, and he has a broad international audience. He lives in Hamra, in southern Gotland, where he runs his own museum and immerses himself in the rich birdlife of the open countryside, drawing inspiration for his artwork from the nearby shores and local landscapes.
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