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Bunde A., Caro J., Kärger J., Vogl G. (Eds.) Diffusive Spreading in Nature, Technology and Society

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Bunde A., Caro J., Kärger J., Vogl G. (Eds.) Diffusive Spreading in Nature, Technology and Society
Springer International Publishing AG, 2018. — 416 p. — ISBN 3319677977.
This book deals with randomly moving objects and their spreading. The objects considered are particles like atoms and molecules, but also living beings such as humans, animals, plants, bacteria and even abstract entities like ideas, rumors, information, innovations and linguistic features. The book explores and communicates the laws behind these movements and reports about astonishing similarities and very specific features typical of the given object under considerations.
Leading scientists in disciplines as diverse as archeology, epidemics, linguistics and sociology, in collaboration with their colleagues from engineering, natural sciences and mathematics, introduce the phenomena of spreading as relevant for their fields. An introductory chapter on "Spreading Fundamentals" provides a common basis for all these considerations, with a minimum of mathematics, selected and presented for enjoying rather than frustrating the reader.
What the Book Is Dealing With
Spreading Fundamentals
Dispersal in Plants and Animals
Search for Food of Birds, Fish and Insects
Epicuticular Wax Formation and Regeneration—A Remarkable Diffusion Phenomenon for Maintaining Surface Integrity and Functionality in Plant Surfaces
Brain Interstitial Structure Revealed Through Diffusive Spread of Molecules
Turbulent Diffusion in the Atmosphere
Hot Brownian Motion
On Phase Transitions in Biased Diffusion of Interacting Particles
Diffusive Spreading of Molecules in Nanoporous Materials
Nature-Inspired Optimization of Transport in Porous Media
NMR Versatility
Diffusion in Materials Science and Technology
Spreading Innovations: Models, Designs and Research Directions
The Spreading of Techno-visionary Futures
The Neolithic Transition: Diffusion of People or Diffusion of Culture?
The Diffusion of Humans and Cultures in the Course of the Spread of Farming
Modeling Language Shift
Human Mobility, Networks and Disease Dynamics on a Global Scale
Spreading of Failures in Interdependent Networks
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