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Governor D., Bowen M., Brunsell E. Big Data, Small Devices

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Governor D., Bowen M., Brunsell E. Big Data, Small Devices
NSTA Press, 2017. — 225 p. — ISBN-13 978-1681402765.
Now your students can transform their mobile phones and tablets into tools for learning about everything from weather to water quality. Big Data, Small Devices shows you how. This book is designed for Earth and environmental science teachers who want to help students tap into, organize, and deploy large data sets via their devices to investigate the world around them. Using the many available websites and free apps, students can learn to detect patterns among phenomena related to the atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and seasons.
Written by veteran teachers, Big Data, Small Devices is organized into two major parts. It covers tools that help you both find real-time data and understand what to do with the data. Then, the authors provide sample app-based activities that you can use as written or adapt to your specific needs. These days, opportunities to learn are as close as your students’ personal technology. As the authors of Big Data, Small Devices note, “Allowing students to conduct investigations using their smart phone in app-based activities allows them to be more engaged in science investigations.”
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