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Trotsky Leon. The Draft Programme of the Communist International. A Criticism of Fundamentals

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Trotsky Leon. The Draft Programme of the Communist International. A Criticism of Fundamentals
London: New Park Publications, 1955. — 68 p.
This pamphlet contains part of Leon Trotsky's criticism of the draft programme submitted by the Executive Committee of the Third (Communist) International to the 6th Congress of the Comintern which was held in July 1928. The manuscript of that criticism was written by Trotsky during his exile in Alma-Ata. It was sent to the Congress in Moscow together with an appeal for reinstatement into the party from which he had been expelled a few months before by the Stalinist faction in 1927. The author had more than an ordinary right to appeal, for the previous Congress in 1924 had elected him unanimously as a member of the Executive Committee. Superficial observers have declared that the struggle which broke out in the Russian Communist Party soon after Lenin's death was a mere struggle for power between Trotsky and Stalin. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Trotskyist opposition grew, not out of personal ambition on the part of Leon Trotsky, but in struggle against the growing bureaucracy in the Soviet Union and the degeneration of the Russian Communist Party. That degeneration found its expression in the field of ideas. Stalin and his supporters invented the theory of " Socialism in one country," which was made party policy in 1925 and converted into an article of faith to be defended by the world institutions of Stalinism. It is this theory which Trotsky criticises in these pages. When he wrote the original manuscript it could not be foreseen to what depths the Stalinist degeneration would sink in the Soviet Uniontbe monstrous police apparatus with its purges, frame-up trials, and assasinations; the elimination of almost the entire leadership of the party which led tbe Russian Revolution; tbe murder of Trotsky himself at the hands of Stalin's agent; the long list of betrayals of the working class by Stalinism.
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