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Berger Andrew J. Bird Study

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Berger Andrew J. Bird Study
New York: Dover Publications, Ink., 1971. — 418 p. — ISBN 0-486-22699-9.
Bird Study has been written to serve as the basis for a onesemester course in ornithology for liberal arts students. The needs of such students can be met neither by offering them a "watered-down" version of a reference work on ornithology nor by offering them an emasculated text that leaves them with little more accurate information at the end of the course than they had at the beginning.
I subscribe to the teaching philosophy that the instructor should not underestimate the ability of his students. This philosophy also recognizes that any really "good" course is the result of constant planning and effort by the instructor. A textbook can only be an aid to learning; it cannot be a substitute for a dynamic teacher.
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