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Boswall J. Birds for All Seasons

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Boswall J. Birds for All Seasons
London: BBC Publications, 1986. — 168 p. — ISBN 0-563-20453-2.
Birds for all Seasons is a superbly illustrated celebration of the beauty, diversity and wonder of birds. Jeffery Boswall takes a fresh look at the bird life of the planet, emphasising the response of birds to the changing seasons: the annual cycles of darkness and light in the frozen polar wastes of the Arctic and Antarctic, of rain and heat in the steaming tropics, and of warmth and cold in the temperate regions sandwiched between the tropical and polar regions.
Courtship, mating, nesting, fledging, feeding and flight all unfold in fascinating detail, and of the 10,000 kinds of birds, over 100 species are chosen to highlight the great variety of feathered life-styles throughout the world. Birds are shown to be not only visually beautiful and tuneful, but also scientifically revealing, their structure and behaviour illustrating biological themes such as colour and camouflage, reproduction, longevity and migration.
Informative and colourful, Birds for all Seasons is an excellent introduction to the world of birds — arguably the most attractive, musical and familiar wild creatures on our earth. The book is a companion volume to the major BBC television series with the same title.
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