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Geviste Genios. I Love English Junior 3

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Geviste Genios. I Love English Junior 3
Publisher: Genios Geviste.
ISBN: 9507827625.
Format / Quality: pdf, mp3 in rar.
Size: 39MB, 38MB.
The ideal complement for teaching English in primary school. i love English brings a variety of activies for learning english with audio included.
The magazine is divided in different section. "It's funny" deals with jokes, expressions and tongue twister among others. "It's easy" presents a grammar topic with dialogues, games and audio activities. "Listen an play" is a great section in which students can practice pronunciation or complete dialogues by listening carefully to the recording. "Look and play" is a game which main goal is to entertain the children by looking vocabulary object of the lesson and then listen and repeat the correct pornunciation. "Junior detective" is another appeling game for the ones who like to be detectives. "Comic", it is another attractive way to revise grammar,expressions and vocabulary. "Make it! ", you can find different recipe to make at home with your family or even with your students! . In Each issue you might find different topics such as celebrations in England, USA, Christmas, Halloween, etc).
Listen and play!
Games: Play while you listen.
Sing it! : Back to school!
World Let´s go to London.
People Anastacia / Joshua Jackson.
Fun Zone Strange but true!
Look and play! Meet the family! Discover a funny family and their house.
Junior Detective Read the clues and find the thief!
Comic Peter the postman.
Make it! Make your own popcorn!
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