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Corral M. The World of Birds. A Layman's Guide to Ornithology

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Corral M. The World of Birds. A Layman's Guide to Ornithology
Chester, CT: The Globe Pequot Press, 1989. — 235 p. — ISBN
Birds are among the most attractive and accessible creatures in the natural world. They delight scientists and nonscientists alike with their physical traits, instinctive behaviors, and songs. They can be studied and enjoyed in the field as well as in the classroom.
The World of Birds: A Layman's Guide to Ornithology is a fascinating and comprehensive reference to the fundamentals of this popular science. This guide goes beyond bird identification to a detailed and engaging exploration of anatomy, physiology, behavior, communication, evolution, migration, and ecology.
Here you will learn about the growth and shape of feathers and how they relate to wing types and movements; how the development of birds' internal structures has improved their ability to fly; why a bird's eyes are the best-developed sensory organs of any vertebrate; and how the reproduction cycle takes its cue from the sun.
Alive with the spirit of inquiry, this guide presents a dynamic approach to understanding the avian world. Author Michael Corral answers not only the most basic questions about ornithology — what is the difference between a bird call and a bird song, why are some birds flightless — but also reveals the underlying forces that link anatomy with behavior and physiology.
Exceedingly well written and illustrated, The World of Birds will entice newcomers even as it feeds the enthusiasm of veteran devotees. Projects and reading lists at the end of each chapter encourage the reader to learn independently and to take that knowledge into the field.
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