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Tuttle Merlin D. America's Neighborhood Bats

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Tuttle Merlin D. America's Neighborhood Bats
Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 1988. — 112 p. — ISBN 0-292-70403-8.
America's Neighborhood Bats has changed the way we look at bats by underscoring their harmless and beneficial nature. In this revised edition, Merlin Tuttle offers bat aficionados the most up-to-date bat facts, including a wealth of new information on attracting bats and building bat houses and a revamped key to the identification of common North American species. The easy-to-understand text, clear illustrations, and spectacular color photographs make this the perfect bat book for the general reader, as well as an invaluable resource for professionals who field questions from the public. Those who provide advice at health and animal control departments, museums, zoos, and nature centers will find it especially useful.
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