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Richardson P. Bats

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Richardson P. Bats
London: The Natural History Museum, 2002. — 114 p. — ISBN 1-58834-020-1.
A comprehensive illustrated guide to the fascinating biology and natural history of bats.
Phil Richardson's expert text tells the amazing and often bizarre story of bats from around the world and the challenges they face. Unfortunately, most bat populations in North America are declining, largely due to habitat loss and disturbance of nesting sites.
Bats describes these mammals' complex life cycles and explains how anyone can watch and study bats and help to conserve them. Color illustrations reveal bat anatomy, including the key features of their wings and legs, and striking photographs show bats in their habitat and mid flight. The book includes:
Physical characteristics and reproduction
Sight and echolocation
Feeding habits and hibernation
Bat evolution and biology
Bat behavior
Carnivorous bats
Horseshoe and Old World leaf-nosed bats
Vampire bats and their relatives
Tailed bats
Vesper bats
Species distribution map
New information on the "white nose" virus threatening North American bat populations
Almost anywhere humans live there are likely to be bats nearby. Highly readable and beautifully illustrated, Bats provides a welcome introduction to these elusive and unfairly maligned creatures.
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