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Anderson Chuck (ed.) Telugu Vocabulary Lessons

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Read by author. — 50languages.com, 2008. — 48 kbps. — Duration 04:30:11. — English, Telugu.
Developing a good vocabulary is essential for learning any language.
The lessons below provide a great starting point for developing your Telugu vocabulary.
Audiobook includes 100 lessons that provide beginners with a basic vocabulary. With no prior knowledge, you will learn to fluently speak short sentences in real-world situations in no time.
Table of Contents: People, Family Members, Getting to Know Others, At School, Countries and Languages, Reading and Writing, Numbers, The Time, Days of the Week, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Months, Beverages, Activities, Colors, Fruits and Food, Seasons and Weather, Around the House, House Cleaning, In the Kitchen, Small Talk 1, Small Talk 2, Small Talk 3, Learning Foreign Languages, Appointment, In the City, In Nature, In the Hotel – Arriva, In the Hotel – Complaints, At the Restaurant 1,At the Restaurant 2, At the Restaurant 3, At the Restaurant 4, At the Station, On the Train, At the Airport, Public Transportation, En route, In the Taxi, Car Breakdown, Asking for Directions, Where is … ? City Tour, At the Zoo, Going Out in the Evening, At the Cinema, In the Discotheque, Preparing a Trip, Vacation Activities, Sports, In the Swimming Pool, Running Errands, In the Department Store, Shops, Shopping, Working, Feelings, At the Docto,r Parts of the Body, At the Post Office, At the Bank, Ordinal Numbers, Asking Questions 1, Asking Questions 2, Negation 1, Negation 2, Possessive Pronouns 1, Possessive Pronouns 2, Big, Smal, To Need, Want To, To Like Something, To Want Something, To Have To, Must, To Be Allowed To, May, Asking for Something, Giving Reasons 1, Giving Reasons 2, Giving Reasons 3, Adjectives 1,Adjectives 2, Adjectives 3, Past Tense 1, Past Tense 2, Past Tense 3, Past Tense 4, Questions – Past Tense 1, Questions – Past Tense 2, Past Tense of Modal Verbs 1, Past Tense of Modal Verbs 2, Imperative 1, Imperative 2, Subordinate Clauses – That 1, Subordinate Clauses – That 2, Subordinate Clauses – If, Conjunctions 1, Conjunctions 2, Conjunctions 3, Conjunctions 4, Double Connetors, Genitive, Adverbs.
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