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Limoncelli Thomas A. Time Management for System Administrators

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Limoncelli Thomas A. Time Management for System Administrators
O'Reilly Media, Inc., 2009. — 659 p.
Time is a critical factor in an enterprise computing. As a UNIX system administrator, I know the importance of time. Users are the system administrator's asset (hey w/o them I will be out of job). Understanding users on the system, and knowing how to mange, control, and communicate them in timely mannered is important skill for system administrator. Matter gets worst when you work on a mix of projects and interruptions goes further.
If you want to know how to mange customers (read as keep users happy & productive) in time, then Time Management for System Administrators book by Thomas A. Limoncelli is for you.
The book starts with Time Management Principles. It explains what's so difficult about time management and the principles of time management for sys admins. Next, it defines the various factors related to sys admins life, routine and most important explains how-to to put things in order of importance.
You will gain following skills after reading this book:
Stress Management
Email management
Manage interruptions
Eliminate timewasters
Keep an effective calendar
Develop routines for things that occur regularly
Use your brain only for what you are currently working on
Prioritize based on customer expectations
Document and automate processes for faster execution
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