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Todd J. (ed.) Survey on numerical analysis

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Todd J. (ed.) Survey on numerical analysis
McGraw-Hill, 1962. — 606 p.
In 1957 a grant was made to the National Bureau of Standards, by the National Science Foundation, for the support of a Training Program in Numerical Analysis for Senior University Staff, under my direction. An objective of this program was to attract mature mathematicians into an area of vital importance which had been largely neglected. The first chapter of this book tries to show that numerical analysis is an attractive subject in which mathematics of practically all sorts can be used significantly, and from which many branches of mathematics can benefit. After this was concluded it was decided to follow a suggestion of Dr. Olga Taussky and to develop the lectures given there into a book entitled "Survey of Numerical Analysis." Unfortunately, for various reasons not all the speakers who took part in the program participated in the development of the book, and there are some gaps.* In order not to affect the unity of the program, it was decided not to attempt to fill these gaps by including new contributions.! However, ample material is included for an introductory course, as well as representative chapters for advanced courses in numerical analysis and in supporting
mathematics. The authors are grateful to both organizations for the opportunity to present their ideas orally, and to their teachers, colleagues, and
pupils for help in the later development.
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